Siegel and Schuster Disappearance

Gold, blue, then red lights

Only took students

Football team and cheerleaders taken previous night – similar lights at stadium

Student vanished a week earlier – Reginald Louvhog
Parents – comptroller for senior center, librarian
Not much on FB – fantasy novel fan
Stuffed in locker by football linebacker
Primus Magnus – mage antagonist in one of the books

Rival school – Lee High
Arcane club – one football player

Quantum Group – worked with teleportation
Think tank, funded by patents/selling products
Lots of researchers on staff
Teleportation project more stable group – head researcher Kurt Russell

Grass and soil are not natural – marked with PM flag microscopically?

Primus Magnus
Antagonist of Skull Moon, Mists of Dread, Skullcrusher Mountain – by Richard Mayhew
Good at warping reality, disaffected annoying youth who sought arcane powers

Freaky latin chanting, Damien type stuff (this verbatim from Speedball ::sigh::)
Large (approx 500 feet tall) blackness where school was

Password is Obsidian Portal (nerd)

Siegel and Schuster Disappearance

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