Red Army

Soviet group of mad scientists and super humans

Usually information brokers

Ivan Stanislav – chief enforcer

Employ robots – custom iron and aluminum alloy developed by Alexei Ruslin

Assaulted opening of Aeon Tide Movie

Hacked computer from power substation – custom OS – observational records, potential contingencies, robot contingencies, supplemental devices, mission parameters
Mission Parameters – Access bank location, remove as much capital as possible; if removal of capital impeded, destroy components of private ownership; draw as much attention to lower level as can be maintained – flight bots will access more sensitive information on upper floor

Robots disable and then are retrieved – possible ambush location option?

Stolen bank data – copied information was records of companies that were invested in, contact information for people in those companies
One of companies Schlasser Pharmaceuticals – was broken into recently – investigate

Nullifying Guantlet – designed to nullify when struck against extra normal objects – untested

Red Army

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